I was born in 2000, on Ankara, Turkey. I used my first PC when I was 3, it was a Toshiba Satellite A25. I still have it to this day. It works well. Kinda.

I first used Linux with that machine, when I was 7, with Pardus 2007. Pardus is a Turkish linux distribution that, well, I honestly dislike (I still can't use KDE without remembering horrors of Pardus to this day). You can find more info about it here. I switched between that and Windows XP until finally getting a Windows 7 PC when I was 10, which at this point stopped using Linux.

I started programming with that Windows 7 PC after being introduced to Visual Studio by my cousin, in 2012. I got a dreamspark subscription thanks to a family member, then I used it to get Visual Studio 2012 Professional, Windows 8 Industry Pro and a Windows Phone Store subscription. Then I bought a Windows 8 laptop and a lumia 620 which I used for many years. It still is working fine. After that point, I developed a couple apps for Windows Phone, and mom mailed one of our relatives who apparently had their own professional blog or something, I don't really remember (her name was Asli Buyukdemir). Little did my mom know was that her husband was an investor who organized tons of events which connected startups with investors (Burak Buyukdemir). After mailing with him for some while, he invited me to make a speech on one of his events, Etohum Girisimcilik Zirvesi 2014 and introduced me to a Microsoft Turkey employee (Burak Bayburtlu) via mail. You can watch it here. (I can't bring myself to watching it -- my voice and face changed so much that it kinda feels weird for me to watch old videos). At that event, Burak Bayburtlu found me and we talked a bit, and my Microsoft adventure began. More on that later. After the event, Umit Boncukcu from MagicBook gave me his card and invited me to their office in Ankara. I also was invited to make a speech on TedXTepebagEd and on a photoshoot by Vogue Turkey, who were incidentally making an issue on "Ageless Heroes" or something, mostly involved old yet popular people and young but skillful people. You can find the vogue picture here and TedXTepebagEd talk here (honestly, that one was a mess. I didn't prepare a slide and kinda panicked when I saw I still had a lot of time but spoke about everything, so I kinda went to pc and showed stuff I made online, which caused a rather unprofessional look). After this, I developed around 20 Windows Phone apps (which were all removed in the following 2 years by either me or Microsoft for not supporting new devices).

Back to Burak Bayburtlu and the Microsoft Adventures, and Umit Boncukcu from MagicBook! Burak Bayburtlu took me to Microsoft events all around Ankara and helped me improve my network and programming skills a lot. At one point, one of the events was in ATOM in METU university, which was incidentally where MagicBook was located in. I kinda remembered that he gave me his card and mailed him after the event. He invited me again and we set a date that'd be fine for both of us, and I went to their place. And little would I know that it'd be the start of me Unity adventures. I had tested Unity before, but gave up pretty easily. They encouraged me to listen to trainings, and I started using Unity. I learned the basics which is... pretty much enough for making stuff. I took a break to that, but returned later. Will mention that in future parts of bio, now we're back to Burak Bayburtlu. He invited me to Microsoft Turkey's month-long Acik Akademi Summer School on 2014, I joined it, and learned a lot about new technologies and business side of programming. It was a nice month. Whatever, I continued to a public school after that summer, due to me wanting to see environment there. It was, well, surprisingly friendly and free. Much less scary than what people think it is, but yeah, there were tons of students smoking in school, so meh. Back to Burak! On one of the events he took me to, Microsoft Turkey's CEO invited me to stage for an interview. No video of that, but a picture here (and a mirror on imgur). After that event, we exchanged cards with a couple people. After a few days, I got a call from a principal of a school. Apparently one of the people I gave my card was the head of IT on a school, and he let the principal that they might want to get me to their school. So, I joined their school with a notable amount of discount.

Things kinda settled down after that. On 2015, I went to Microsoft's month-long summer school again, and after that, I applied and was accepted as Microsoft Student Partner. We organized tons of Hour of Codes and other kind of events. On mid 2016, I switched to Ubuntu over privacy concerns, and stayed on it. On 2017 January, I got accepted for the next term on Microsoft Student Partner program. The adventure of my life goes on. You can see stuff I did as a list on here.


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